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Boxed Intel® Processors

i7-77000K LGA2011, 4.5G 8MB Cache $519
i7-7700 LGA1155, 4.2G 8MB Cache $465
i5-7500 LGA1155, 3.8 6MB Cache $300
i5-7600 LGA1155, 4.1G 6MB Cache $331
i3-7100 LGA1155, 3.9 3MB Cache $170
i3-7300 LGA1155, 4.0 4MB Cache $217
G3930 LGA1155, 2.9 2MB Cache $53


Kingston DDR4 4GB KVR24R17S8/4 2400Mhz $84
Kingston DDR4 8GB KVR24R17S8/8 2400Mhz $148
Kingston DDR4 16G KVR24R17D4/16 $292
Kingston DDR4 32G KVR24R15D4/32 $520
Kingston DDR4 8G HX42C14FB2/8 (2x4GB) $130

Flash Memory

Kingston 8G DTG4/8GB $10
Kingston 16G DT100G3/16GB $12
Kingston 32G DT100G3/32GB $18
Kingston 64G DT100G3/64GB $33
Kingston 8G MICROSD MicroSD SDC4/8GB $10
Kingston 16G MICROSD MicroSD SDC4/16GB $15

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